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  • Eric Devendorf is looking forward to a second chance at playing in Memphis...Mike Waters
  • Jim Boeheim strikes fear into the hearts of SU fans everywhere by saying maybe Jonny was just telling us what we wanted to hear.  Say it ain't so, Jimmy!...Brent Axe
  • Hopefully SU wins and Jimmy B gets win #800.  Otherwise it's going to be against LeMoyne...Daily Orange
  • Can Oklahoma handle the vaunted SU zone?...Tulsa World
  • If you're ranking the remaining teams by point guards, SU is #1...Fox Sports
  • 2010 Syracuse East Regional tickets on sale now.  If things go right, SU might actually be in
  • The road to and from Miami was paved with hi-jinks and tomfoolery...The Orange Segment

Kenny takes it outside for his latest update:

And finally...Cock Shot: