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  • Sure it didn't count but you HAVE TO watch that Jonny Flynn dunk again...YouTube
  • Jimmy B will be On The Block
  •  What a difference a few weeks can make for SU...Bud Poliquin
  • "The Big East didn't just outshine the ACC in the NCAA Tournament...the Big East made a mockery of the ACC"...News-Observer
  • Andy Katz breaks down the Sweet 16...Andy Katz
  • Nantz and Kellogg get the Syracuse game on Friday...D.O. Sports Blog
  • The Women's Lax team still can't climb Mt.
  • In Boston on April 28th?  Spend the evening with Doug Marrone at
  • Bill Simonson is still going on about the Big Ten...The Huge Blog
  • The Women's team loses to Bowling Green in the NIT.  Coach Q goes back to the drawing board.  And the sewing

Is that the best they could do to showhorn Ray Allen into one of these Nike commercials? Regardless, I'm just happy Syracuse Manufacturing could get some national attention.  Helluva company, that Syracuse Manufacturing...