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Can You Hear Me Now?


Devo: Hey.

Andy: Hey.

Devo:  Great job today.

Andy:  You too, buddy.

Devo:  ......buddy???

Andy: know what I mean.

Devo: Clearly I don't.

Andy: Can you just turn around so we can talk to each like normal people?

Devo: You know how hard that is for me, since...

Andy: Jesus, Eric, it was two years ago.  We're different people now.  With different ACLs.

Devo:  (sobbing) They can take out my ACL but they can't take out my heart!!!

Andy: As a matter of fact they can take out your heart.  The guy who does my physiology homework for me saw them do it once.  And they didn't actually take your ACL out, they-


Andy: ...I know...I'm just messin' with you, ya big lug.

Devo:  Oh...okay.

Andy:  Friends?

Devo:  If that's all we can be...

Andy:  Yes.  It is.

Devo:  Okay...friends.

Andy: Cool.  Alright, I'm gonna head back to the locker room through the tunnel.  You wait two minutes and then act like you were in the press room.  Cool?

Devo:  Cool.

Andy: Lates...

Devo: I love (click)...oh...