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We Made It This Far, Might As Well Keep Going

The Orange won their first NCAA Tournament game since 2004 on Friday. Now, they're going to try and do something else they haven't done since then...advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Standing in the way, the Arizona State Sun Devils.

There's already some news to celebrate. Jonny Flynn is seriously, for realsies, no more maybes, 100% coming back for his junior year.

"I'm coming back to Syracuse," Flynn declared on Saturday. "That's it. I'm coming back to Syracuse. There is no 'as of right now.' I'm coming back to Syracuse. Yeah. I'm coming back to Syracuse."

Before we get to the next season though, we're trying to keep this one going. One big way we can do that is to have Kristof! available. KO says he's recovering from that bug that kept him out of the game on Friday and will be ready to play today.

And as for Paul Harris' thumb? Apparently no big deal. Paul will be missing layups for the Orange all day.

Feel free to leave in-game comments below. I'll be over on The Twitter with the rest of the Cuse Twitterati. Join us, won't you? Catch you back here to celebrate (fingers crossed).