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Dust Off Your Belgian Flags, People

On Tuesday, Syracuse will host Rutgers in the final home game of the season (it's nice to know there isn't an impending NIT game to make that statement false).  That means it's senior night and there's only one senior that we'll be honoring (all due respect, Justin Thomas).  That's right folks, it's Kristof!'s last night in town. 

And he has one request:


God as my witness, you will make this happen people.  Otto's Army, on Tuesday you are unofficially-officially an unofficially-annexed arm of the Belgian forces.  Wear your colors proudly.

Is there a Flags O' The World store in the Greater Syracuse area? How does one acquire Belgian flags on short notice?  Where are the Orange-Out guys now when we need them to organize a Belgian-Flag-Out???

If you cannot find a Belgian flag, wear clogs and pantaloons.  If pantaloons make you itchy, bring a waffle.  If you don't like breakfast, come dressed as your favorite Belgian, such as Frédéric de Mérode.  No excuses, you guys. 

Eendracht maakt macht!!!