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Poll Smoking

Guess who's back?  Syracuse basketball, that's who!  (I totally gotcha!)

Syracuse re-enters both the AP and Coaches Polls this week at #25.  The Orange added two wins over St. John's and Cincy and got back on the right track.  With two games remaining the Orange have a chance to inch back towards the low 20's and possibly even the high teens (not that it ultimately matters).

UConn (blech) remains #1, Pittsburgh (fech) is #3/#4 and Louisville (ugh) is #6, rounding out the Big East involvement in the top ten.  Marquette and Villanova are ranked in the teens. The Orange remained on the outside looking in of the Bloggers Poll, coming in at the #27 mark.

Over on the lacrosse front the Orange dropped maddively due to their loss to Virginia.  In one poll they dropped all the way from #1 to...#2.  And in the other poll they plummeted from #2 to....#2. Guess that's what happens when you only lose to the #1 team by one.