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The Winner Just Got Winnererer

A guy on my freshman floor was from Watertown, NY and from him I learned that they like lacrosse up there.  I mean they really like lacrosse up there. They really, really like lacrosse up there.  I'm pretty sure in history class when the teacher asks "What's the capital of Brazil?" eager students exclaim "Lacrosse!" and they are rewarded with gold stars.  They love lacrosse, this is what I'm telling you.

(Side note, this guy from Watertown's name was John Adams.  And that's what we called him, all the time.  Not John. Not Johnny.  John Adams.  And I'm not talking about just social settings.  I mean, like if we were playing a drinking game and I was doling out drinks I would say "Brian, drink two...Troy drink one...John Adams, drink five.  And we didn't find it strange at all.  Neither did he.  And if I saw him again today I would instinctively say "John Adams!  How are you!  This is my wife Lucy.  Lucy, John Adams.  John Adams, Lucy."  That's weird, right?)

You know what else they love up there?  Syracuse sports.  And far too long they have suffered without a sportstalk radio program that covers SU to call their own.  NO MORE!  ESPN 1410 WNER "The Winner" is proud to announce the arrival of Matt Mc's Sports Fix:

The Sports Fix is a brand new sports show debuting March 30 at 5 p.m. hosted by me, Matt McClusky. The Fix airs Monday through Friday on 1410 WNER ESPN Radio and we cover all that is North Country sports.

We will be talking to players and coaches from all of the high school teams, the Red and Black, the Wizards, St. Lawrence and Clarkson hockey, JCC, and, all of the Syracuse University athletics.

Starting March 30th, you can listen to the Sports Fix between 5-6pm EST every Monday through Friday.  and according to Matt there's going to be some great guests on the program to kick things off.  Perhaps even one very special, very sexy Syracuse blogger that you may or may not know, not Harrison.  1410 also airs all of the Syracuse football, basketball, and lacrosse games so expect to hear plenty of chances to win free tickets and other prizes.

So tune those radio dials accordingly.  And if you see John Adams, let him know too.