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  • Keith Smart.  How can such a nice guy be responsible for so much pain?...Deadspin
  • Jonny Flynn's stock is rising (gulp)...Sporting News
  • If Devo is the most hated player in all of college basketball, Jonny might be the most
  • 20 reasons SU will make it to the Sweet 16...Bud Poliquin
  • The Knicks and their awful St Patties uniforms extend D-Nic's contract another ten days...Newsday (H/T: devoddinthitanybody)
  • The Women's team beats Canisius in the first round of the NIT.  I think SOMEbody's got something to
  • Former SU basketball star now a janitor, doing just fine, thank you...Daily Orange
  • Yours truly provides some stats for a Syracuse tourney preview at...Rush The Court
  • And yours truly also provides the SU preview over at...Deadspin
  • Mike Waters and Donna Ditota make their Final Four picks (no SU!)
  • Georgetown and Providence cash out at the
  • In case you needed more things in bracket form today, here's the 2009 National Douchebag Tournament...HolyTaco

Kige picks Syracuse to make it to the Sweet 16 before losing to Oklahoma.  Harrumph: