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The Orange Have Landed! The Orange Have Landed!

The New Florida Orange

That's some fancy ass video-makin', P-S. Although if I had to nitpick, I'd like to see something fancier in the font department than Times New-Roman. This feels like at least a Courier New kind of event.

The Orange are in high-spirits as they prepare for tomorrow's game with Stephen F. Austin. Jonny sums up the demeanor in the locker room and how this team feels like it's different than the last time SU won the BET and then crashed out early in the NCAAs:

"We're a completely different team," Flynn said. "I don't think there's a comparison between the teams that played back then the last time they lost and the team now. I think we're a better overall team … I think we're going to go out there and play Syracuse basketball the way we've been playing for the past two weeks and really do some damage."

As much as this is a newish experience for many on the Syracuse roster, it's a REALLY new experience for everyone on the other side. The Lumberjacks are also in Miami and they're blogging about it. Well, actually the SFAS assistant director of media relations is blogging about it, but he's with the team the whole way.

For the 'Jacks, there's one player that's been standing out in the crowd for the very same reason that he almost always never stands out in a crowd. Eric Bell, the team's 5'3" guard, is small and loving it:

‘‘I’ve been hearing it for so long,’’ Bell said, ‘‘I’m used to it.’’ Bell will undoubtedly hear it in Miami, one of this year’s NCAA Tournament sites. He plays point guard for Stephen F. Austin, which faces Syracuse at 12:15 p.m. Friday in American Airlines Arena. A junior this season, Bell leads his team in assists (102 compared to 53 turnovers). He’s averaging 3.6 points per game and shooting nearly 40 percent from 3-point range, though he rarely attempts a shot. Statistics, though, fail to fully measure the man. The SFA media guide lists him as 5-foot-3, but Bell said he reaches that height ‘‘on a good day.’’

Unfortunately for Eric, the Orange will do everything in their power to ensure tomorrow is not a good day for the 'Jacks.