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  • Syracuse re-learns how to dance...Wall Street Journal (H/T: J.T.)
  • Driving to Florida with Wes Johnson (BTW, the NCAA is awesome, not allowing Wes Johnson to travel with the team. Thumbs up to Myles Brand, whichever private jet he's flying on right now.)...The Orange Segment
  • Axe goes one on one with Jim Boeheim...The Axeman
  • And then goes one on one with Stephen Austin coach Danny Kasper...The Axeman
  • FoxSports' Jeff Goodman says SU goes down in the 1st round...FoxSports
  • John Thompson III checks in from Waco and the NIT...HoyaSuxa
  • Matt Roe talks about Syracuse basketball and State Farm Incurance...Big Orange Bloggin Chuck
  • Greg Robinson's buyout was the worst use on money this year in the Big East (depends how you look at it)...Brian Bennett
  • Syracuse's safeties are among the greenest units in Big East football...Brian Bennett
  • Balancing family and the Big East Tournament, no easy task...Boonville Blog

Larry Beil (remember him!?!?) and some experts talk SU in the Tourney: