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Kristof! Ongenaet Eats Lightning And Craps Thunder

Glue guy.  Mr. Intangibles.  Spark plug.   Waffle.

Kristof! has been called many things in his all-too-brief Syracuse career.  However, he added an entirely new facet to his legend last week when he took one of the most gruesome spills in basketball history and not only got back up but ended up playing extremely well afterward.

It's the kind of thing that, if you're not careful, might lend itself to hyperbole:

In the first Jurassic Park movie, the tyrannosaurus rex wasn't chasing the jeep.  KO was chasing the tyrannosaurus AND the jeep.

Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with over 20,000 women in his lifetime.  KO calls this a 'slow tuesday.'

A cobra once bit Kristof's leg.  After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.
Funny, KO never mentioned any of these things in his Facebook status.

It's been a couple days now and any concerns that Kristof! might not be back to full-strength in time for SU's match-up with Stephen F. Austin on Friday should be put to bed, thanks to drugs.  Sweet, sweet drugs.

‘‘I’m good,’’ Ongenaet said. ‘‘I took some painkillers and some inflammation stuff and I put ice on it before I went to bed. I got great support from the staff. It’s pretty good. Give me a couple days and I’ll be fine.’’

All in all the Orange are happy not only for the Friday slot but also for the chance to play in Miami.  A little too happy, if you ask me:

‘‘It’s Miami. You got nice weather. You got the beach,’’ Flynn said. ‘‘You got pretty young ladies down there. But we’re going to go down there with the right mind-set and focus that we’re on a mission. That’s the one thing that we have to remember.’’

Please, if you see any young ladies walking around in University of Iowa shirts, STEER THEM ELSEWHERE.  Thank you.

In related news, it MAY be the final Scoop & Wes Show of the season.  Tune in cause you don't want the show to be canceled before they have the chance at syndication.

And if you are heading into Miami to watch the game, swing by the open (and free) practice on Thursday between 1:30 and 2:10pm.  But don't go blabbing to anyone about the plays they run.