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One Angry Dwarf And Two Hundred Solemn Syracuse Students

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To be honest, there better be more than two hundred of you there when Ben Folds comes to town for Block Party

Alternative rock acts Ben Folds and Guster will perform at this year's Block Party concert on April 26, University Union announced Monday.

Folds returns to Syracuse University after more than four years away. He played a sold-out show in Goldstein Auditorium in January 2005.

"Our surveys showed that he has a good following," UU President Gustavo Melendez said of Folds. "Out of what we have, he does appear as one of the top artists students request. It definitely was something we needed to follow up on."

The kids know what they like and, for once, have extremely good taste.

It's a stark change for a show that has featured hip-hop acts in recent years including Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Sam Kingston, Fergie and something called Lupe Fiaso.

I don't charge you money to come to this website and I'll never require a penny from you.  So instead, your payment to me is to attend this concert, which, if this were 2000 and I was still a senior at SU, would have been the greatest event in the history of life.  Bend RARELY makes his way out to the West Coast so for those who cannot attend his shows (re: me), you must attend.(Guster's not too shabby either, for a band with a conga drum, that is).

There will be a test the next day here on Ben's music.  Anyone who scores below a 65 is banned.  Fair schmair.

And if you need a primer or advice on where to begin your Ben Folds musical experience, please consult your local Syracuse blogger. (Or just pick up Whatever And Ever, Amen)  It's the tie that binds.