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This Taint A Deal You Want To Miss!

Days removed from the epic© six overtime win by Syracuse over UConn in the Big East Tournament, more and more opportunities to commemorate the event are becoming available.  First there was the T-shirt.  Then, the framed box score.  It seemed as though all avenues of commemoration had been fulfilled.

Until now...

Thanks to SU Athletics, the Franklin Mint and my buddy Geech who works for Madison Square Garden security, TNIAAM is proud to offer you the chance to own your very own Eric Devendorf Collectors' Game-Worn Jock Strap!


This SU-UConn game-worn jockstrap is glued to the plaque with only the finest Elmer's, lovingly framed in fine, Kentucky oak and comes with a descriptive name plate and beautiful collector's plaque. A Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician letter of authenticity is included.

Act now and for only $199 this piece of Syracuse history can be yours.  Authenticy is guaranteed and honestly, if you can't tell it's authenticy from the odor, I don't know what to tell you.