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Devo Mia!

Impromptu Photoshop Contest!!!!

What do we know about Eric Devendorf?

1.  He takes a TON of homoerotic photos.

2. He gives good face.

3.  He just wanted to dance, dance, dance.

Armed with that knowledge, in honor of The Big Dance that awaits SU next week, I want to see your very best Eric Devendorf Dancing Photos

For example...


Courtesy of NOLACuse.

I know what you're thinking...HOW did they ever turn that book into a movie?!?!

You have until Tuesday night to submit your photo in the comments below and we'll have a vote to determine the winner starting Wednesday.  The best photo wins...something.  I dunno, I have to figure it out.  But I'll come up with something slightly good by then.

Get to it!