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Syracuse University Really Wants To Sell You Some Panel Flooring

It's the Countdown to Selection Sunday!!! Excitement, you guys.  Especially because you know that means one thing and only one thing...time to buy arbitrary Syracuse merch!!!

Take for instance this item that SUAthletics e-mailed me about on Monday.  It's a Piece of Carrier Dome Court w/Syracuse Etched Glass Case and Name Plate.  Very schnazzy.  What do you get?  You get a piece of the basketball court and you get it in a nice, wooden glass case thingy with a name plate that says "Authentic Piece of the Carrier Dome Floor" so that when people come over to your house and you show them your Pieces of Floors Room, they're able to differentiate this one from the many others.  Sweet.

I don't know about you, but I skipped this one.  Personally, there's only so many pieces of floor I can own and I've already got zero so I wouldn't know where to fit another one.

But what if this was your dream SU item and you missed it!?!?  Well, #1, you didn't miss it, it's still on sale.  But #2, you have another chance to own a piece of Carrier Dome history!!!  Seems as though every couple days a more affordable option reveals itself.  Now, for the Pieces of Floor enthusiast who doesn't have a lot of shelf space, I give you the Syracuse Carrier Dome Court Plaque. 

The plaque comes with an authentic piece of basketball court from the carrier dome on top of a great background photo of the Carrier Dome which is complimented by a large orange S.

Guys, it's a "great" background photo.  Do not discount this.  AND it's only $24.99 for a limited time so feel free to jump on this now.

Of course, the way things are going we're about two days from getting an email promoting the Syracuse Piece of Carrier Dome Court Haphazardly Thrown In Your General Direction for only $5.99.  This amazing piece comes with the rush of anticipation that you'll feel when a Teamster hangs outside the cab of his delivery truck and hurls the authentic piece of basketball court towards you at up to 20 miles per hour!