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Ice'd Pirates

Uh-oh...Space Herpe.

So much for the extra round of the Big East Tourney.  Every team from day one is gone, including Seton Hall, who lost to Syracuse 89-74.  Sorry Dan Wetzel, pick your profile piece subjects better next time.

The story of the night?  The kerfuffle-filled second half full of stare-downs, tussles and technical fouls.  Seton Hall's big mistake?  According to Devo, it was challenging SU on their "home" court:

“It’s our home floor, really, and when somebody knocks down our teammate or gets in the face of our teammate, we’re going to be there to help him and that was the case tonight.  So I guess they made a mistake.”

Seriously, St. John's.  We'll take MSG from here on out.  Thanks for keeping the place clean.

Devo would know a little something about stepping it up in the 2nd half.  He scored all 19 of his points in the second frame.  Also scoring 19 was Jonny Flynn, who added 11 assists as well (part of SU's record-tying 30 team assists).  Arinze added 15, Rautins 11 an Kristof! "Christian" Ongenaet scored 12  and dished out 7 off the bench. 

The only notable Orangemen not to put together a good game was Paul Harris, who was limited to 4 points and 6 boards.  If that's not reason enough to bust out the 'fro tomorrow, I don't know what is.

But the story of the game was all the fracas-ing going on.  It all started with about 16 minutes left when the Hall's John Garcia and AO traded dirty looks.  T's were handed out.  Then Kristof! got fouled hard, players from both teams got into it and Devo went, well, Devo on somebody.  And that was before he started shooting.  After he did, though, he wasn't shy:

“It felt good,” he said of the second of his five 3s. “It was a ‘close your yap,’ something like that. It felt good to get going in the second half.”

I'm sure we'll have some video to show off in the morning, more to come on this.  Jonny Flynn sums it up in the meantime when discussing Eric Devendorf:

"He’s an emotional player and we knew we can ride his back..."

Easy, fella.  Let's not all go humping each other just yet.

But otherwise, the Orange move on.  UConn awaits tomorrow night at 9pm EST.  If you're in NYC and looking for some time to kill in the morning, why not go make a fool of yourself on the CBS morning show?

Syracuse fans who are in New York City for the BIG EAST Conference men's basketball tournament can visit the CBS Plaza and show their team spirit this week.

If Syracuse defeats Seton Hall on Wednesday night, the appearance will be Friday morning. If the Orange isn't as fortunate, SU fans can congregate for the Thursday morning show.

I don't quite understand the deal here.  We're not allowed to celebrate until we lose?  Huh?  And what if we win tomorrow night?  Do we have wait until Monday to be jackasses on national television?  I want to be a jackass NOW!