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A Traitor To My Own Kind

 I just happened to look down a couple minutes ago and notice this...


Sweet Vic Hanson, I'm wearing Seton Hall colors today. I have brought shame and misfortune on us all.  I apologize in the advance.

But hey, I'm wearing stripes, so that's something, right?  Also, there's what Jim from FingerLakes1 said about it:

if [Syracuse] wins tonight I expect you to wear SU's opponents colors for the rest of the 2009 postseason. If you don't, and they lose, you will clearly be to blame.


So if you're heading over to The Parlor in Santa Monica tonight and you happen to notice the guy in Seton Hall colors standing in the corner nursing a Blue Moon, that's probably me.  I MAY be stopping in for a bit.  If you're not too embarassed to be seen with me, swing by.

And for those who are staying home or find themselves stuck in front of a computer, stop by WNER's website.  The home of Matt's Mc Sports Fix is hosting a game chat.  Assumedly in Syracuse colors.