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C'mon, Syracuse Fans. Mingle. Get To Know Each Other.

Tonight feels special, doesn't it?  Why?  It's just Seton Hall.  We can beat them.  But there's something about this game that seems to have Syracuse fans pumped. 

Is it the fact that we know we don't have to worry about the outcome of this game determining whether or not we can go to the NCAAs?  Is it because we're starting to feel confident after four-straight wins?  Or is tonight's game still just as important because of what every BET win can do for our seeding?

Whatever it is, I get the feeling Syracuse fans are going out in full force tonight.  So wherever you are, find out where the SU fans are and go there.  I know, it's Wednesday.  But guess what...Lost is a repeat.  BOOM!  Excuse...gone.

Here in LA, word on the street is that SU fans will be gathering in one of three locations: Barney's Beanery in Burbank for the entertainment biz folks, The Parlor in Santa Monica for the west siiiiiiide peeps and The Corner Office in Costa Mesa for those in the OC (bitch).

What about the rest of you?  In NYC but don't have tix?  What about DC?  Boston?  Sante Fe???  Leave your destination or where you think SU fans will be tonight in the comments below.  Or if you're looking for a place to go, name your city and hopefully someone will speak up. 

As a special bonus, at halftime, all the Syracuse fans in each bar will stand up, hold hands and sing Orange Hands Across America as a sign of unity and kinship.  This is binding.

There's a distinct possibility I'll be swinging by The Parlor tonight.  I expect to see a sea of orange by the time I get there.  I'm also excited to find out if there's actually one Seton Hall fan in all of California.  I believe they do exist, but like the Sasquatch, their existence is shrouded in mystery.