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To Hall With You

Syracuse scored 100 points once this season.  It was against Seton Hall.  We'll get a chance to do it again tomorrow night when we take on the Pirates, who defeated South Florida 68-54 tonight.

Jeremy Hazell led the Hall with 23 points and Eugene Harvey added 16 in the Pirate's first BET win since 2003.  See, some good came from this new format after all (oh and Georgetown losing...)

According to Mike Waters, who was at the game courtside, "Seton Hall students just started "We want Syracuse!'' chant."  Wish granted, f***ers, bring your pep band.  Then again, Jameson is there as well and according to him, "Seton Hall's pep band is so weak."  So...maybe not.  Both of them will be there tomorrow as well.

The Orange are in NYC getting ready for tomorrow night's game.  Donna Ditota caught up with some of the guys before they left and got their thoughts on the game:

Donna Ditota Talks With SU Basketball Players

For those nitpicking Syracuse's resume come NCAA selection time, you'll be glad to know the Cleveland State Vikings won the Horizon League title tonight.  The Vikings handed the Orange their first loss of the season back in December.  We knew they were a quality mid-major then and now they help give us a little more ammo for our own seeding.