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Welcome Back, Big Ern

Just as soon as I post wondering where in the world the Ernie Davis statue it...he's baaaaaack

Shockingly, SU went the sans-fanfare route and placed the statue back on the pedestal during spring break.  They learned their lesson from last time, it's better to do it quietly and correctly than loudly and incorrectly.

Clear as day, Ernie now has a circa-1950's helmet with the double-bar face mask.  More importantly, there is nary a swoosh or Nike lettering to be found on his person, just as God intended. 


If you're on campus one of these days, give Ernie a once-over, make sure they didn't sneak an Adidas logo onto his butt or anything (plus it'll give you a good excuse when someone asks why you're staring at his butt).