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A Good, Short-Sleeved, Untucked Time Was Had By All

The 38th annual Hardwood Club Banquet was held Sunday night in Syracuse.  Fans were able to mingle with current SU players while also honoring some of the past ones (Lawrence Moten, to be exact).  One attendee was kind enough to post some photos from the event on Facebook and somehow, someway, they made their way to my grubby paws.  Let's see what we missed, shall we?

Thankfully, all of the Orange were snazzily-dressed for the event, like Kristof! here:


Very dapper, my friend.  Very dapper indeed.  And it's nice to know that you all dressed up for the special event where so many fans paid a lot of money to come out to....what's that?...


Devo_medium's striped.  So that's something.  Right?

Seriously though, D.  Would a suit jacket have hurt?  At least Paul remembered to wear one:


What in God's name... quick, someone find the skinned carcass of Grimace.  It must be rotting in an alley somewhere.

Are safe, neutral colors too much to ask, guys?



At the end of the day, it's not important who wore what or whether or not your shirt has long sleeves.  It's about having a good time.  And if there's anyone who can appreciate the fun and festive atmosphere, it's gotta be Arinze Onuaku:


I give up.

H/T: Brian K.