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Get Them To Sign On The Line That Is Dotted

Alway be closing, SU coaches.  Let's see what you've done so far...

The 2009 Syracuse National Letter of Intent class now includes 13 student-athletes. Offensive lineman Andrew Tiller, defensive back Phillip Thomas and wide receiver Alec Lemon faxed their NLI's to Orange head coach Doug Marrone. The trio joins defensive end Torrey Ball, defensive back Rishard Anderson, defensive back Torian Phillips, linebacker E.J.Carter, defensive end Brandon Sharpe, defensive back Shamarko Thomas, offensive tackles Zack Chibane and Justin Pugh, offensive lineman Andrew Phillips and quarterback Charley Loeb.

Nice to see Master Tiller committed so early, we were getting worried there, son.  You can get the whole rundown on each player over at the new-and-improved (oh we'll get to that).  Donnie's also keeping score over on his blog, where he mentioned this:

Must be weird if you're Louisville. The Cardinals have lost two straight years on the field to the Orange and now see a couple of recruits ditch them for Syracuse.

Must be weird indeed.  Couple more notes from Donnie:

More to come, I'm sure...

Update #1: CB Dale Pederman, after a brief dalliance with Greggers and Michigan, has signed with us.