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Doug Marrone Did Not See Santonio Holmes Make That Catch

According to Donnie Webb, Doug Marrone spent the Super Bowl working in his office.  Don't you get it?  He's dedicated!

(The President of the United States chilled out for a couple hours and watched the Super Bowl but the head coach of Syracuse football didn't have time for that garbage.  So so wrong and yet so so right)

Marrone did stop just long enough to share some nuggets of note regarding the upcoming spring season:

Marrone also re-iterated he plans to have spring practice open to the public and media. He's not sure yet the logistics for where fans will be allowed to watch or what happens when bad weather chases the team inside to the Dome or into Manley, only that he's going to let everyone watch.

Psst...don't tell Louisville.

Marrone's got a lot on his plate.  He's got a "convention" at Turning Stone this weekend that happens to take place at the $20 No-Limit Texas Hold'm table, he's got recruiting trips up the wazoo and, hey, who knows, he might even pencil in his kids for a couple hours:

He's scheduled to work in some time to see his children, which he hasn't seen since just after Christmas.

Douggers, I am all for you giving 110% percent to this job and I do appreciate it.  But fyou have our permission to go say hi to your kids.  We don't mind.  And seriously, put down the gametape and watch a couple Super Bowl commercials.  We'll let it slide.  Check out the Doritos one.  You'll like it.

Tomorrow is signing day so we'll have plenty of news about that I'm sure.  The one name I get you're wondering about most is unfortunately the one you probably won't hear:

Oku is saying he might not sign on Wednesday while he weighs his options. Again, the longer that goes, the better the chances for Syracuse. You've gotta believe Oku is waiting to see what other running backs sign with Tennessee or Auburn before making his decision. Syracuse is not signing any running backs in this class, though it has several returning tailbacks on the roster.