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Put Your Favorite SU Athlete In Your Mouth

It's the finest product to come out of the SU Athletics department since bE Magazine (what the hell happened to my second issue, BTW?). Syracuse Athletics, The Cereal:



Sorry if this is old news for you.  I live in Los Angeles, which is slightly outside the distribution zone.

Couple thoughts.

1.  How long did DOCTOR Gross push to keep himself on the box-art before finally getting shot down?  First round?  Final round? round.

2. What is it?  Generic corn flakes?  And you're encouraged to add in bits of raspberries?  It's SYRACUSE CEREAL!  It should be little 44's and mini-Otto's and you should be made to eat it with orange peels mixed in while being yelled at by Mike Hopkins for not "moving to the bowl" fast enough.  MADE TO.

3. Kosher.  Nice.

4. Do I have to be the one to say it?  Fine.  Pearl Washington (#31) looks mentally-challenged.  Sorry. 

5. Why is every photo real except for Ernie Davis' caricature?  And shouldn't there be a Nike logo on his jersey?

6. Why do Carmelo, Pearl and GMac have matching hands-on-hips stances mixed with a "I'm going to watch you eat every last scoop of this delicious and nutritious marketing product" look on their faces?  Come to think of it, I just answered my own question.

7. Quick, name every lacrosse player on the box in five seconds.  GO!


9. Thanks to Ben J. for sending the photos.  Now go invest in some ceramic bowls.  IKEA's having a sale.  Go.  Now.

10.  Seriously though, where's my new issue of bE Magzine!!!