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My five favorite things about

1. Jim's sky blue sweater in the photo on the homepage.  I was fairly certain before seeing this that Jim Boeheim's body rejected bright colors.

2. The Coach's "Blog," which is less a blog and more a Q&A.  It answers the all-important question "Which current player is your favorite?" 

We have tremendous hustle from Kristof and great inside presence of Arinze and Ricky. We appreciate the shooting skills of Eric and Andy, the tremendous talents that Paul and Jonny bring to the team.

Why do I get the feeling it was Kristof! who asked the question?

3. The Syracuse Realty Group ads on the middle-left of the homepage.  Why is Jim always holding a basketball?  Did he just come from practice to do the ad?  Would we not recognize him if he wasn't holding the basketball?

4. Juli's page.  Complete with her own "unsolicited" advice on where to get a hair cut and the ill-advised "Ask Juli A Question" feature.  Be nice...

5. The Atlas Fence commercials on this page.  Again with the basketball (ABA-style?).  Is this in Jim's contract or something?