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We recently gave away some T-shirts with Damone Brown's signature on them.  Something tells me they might be the last autographs Damone signs for a while.

Via RidiculousUpside & The San Francisco Chronicle:

[Damone Brown] was arrested in Reno Thursday morning and was scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court later Thursday on a felony count of money laundering.

Brown, 29, is accused of leasing a safe deposit box at a Buffalo bank for an alleged drug kingpin to store his drug proceeds in. Authorities seized $170,000 from the box before he was arrested.

He could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Oh and one other thing:

An FBI agent was shot during a roundup of drug suspects at a house in Buffalo, N.Y. as part of an investigation that also resulted in the arrest Thursday of a member of the NBA Developmental League's Reno Bighorns.

WHAT THE F, DAMONE?  This is federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison material, my friend. Less than good.  You can see footage of the Reno police making the arrest here.

And so help me God if you got Gerry caught up in all of this.  He's an innocent.

To say Brown's season has been on the down-slope would be an understatement.  He began the year as Reno's first pick in the expansion draft.  He was averaging 16 points a game.  But he recently lost his starting spot.  And, uh, now this.

There's also this:

He holds the record for minutes played and points in the D-League, having played 163 games over six seasons in the D-League.

I don't know what information means...but I know it means something.

Good luck Damone...I guess.