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Meet The Devos

A profile story went up on yesterday all about Eric Devendorf's family and how they never miss a game.  The article also mentions that Eric's mom also never misses an opportunity to scan the Internet for things people say about him!!!

"I don't always like that," said Cindy, who routinely scans the Internet for anything posted regarding her son and his team. "It's like the whole world is looking at him - for the good and the bad - and it's not easy to hear the negative comments.

Hi Devo's mom.  I'm not a betting man but if I were, I'd guess you're reading this.  If I could recommend something...DO NOT DO A KEYWORD SEARCH FOR YOUR SON ON THIS WEBSITE.  It will not end well for either of us.  Just know that we kid because we love.

It's a pretty in-depth article about how the Devo's feel about Eric on and off the court.  They make a lot of trips to the Dome each season (3 or 4 a year) and thankfully they like what they see out of you:

Cindy said the people at Syracuse give them the royal treatment, from the workers at the on-campus hotel to the coaching staff and the players.

"The atmosphere is unreal," said Curt. "The dome is so large and it's just incredibly loud and exciting as hell. Syracuse basketball fans are incredibly loyal and they love Eric.

"We forego vacations to make those trips. Some people spend two weeks at the lake, we do this - because it's where we want to be."

H/T: orngfan