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That Old Familiar Feeling

I blame myself for Arthur Jones' torn left pectoralis muscle that will keep him off the field indefinitely and possibly cut into the 2009 season.  Actually, no I don't blame myself.  I blame YOU!

See, Arthur had a chance to get out.  Good Arthur Jones had packed his bags, solved the last equation on the board and was getting in his car to go see about a girl (the girl being the NFL).  But NOOOOOOO, we couldn't let him leave us to rot in Southie, could we?  We just had to pull him back in with promises of Hahvad Bahs and wicked pissas.  And so, he stayed.   The girl will still be there, waiting for him...right?

It don't sound good.  The muscle, which tore during weight lifting earlier this week, has been known as a season-ender, according to the D.O.

The pectoral is a muscle in the front of the chest that helps with arm and shoulder movement. Historically, football players on the pro level have had their seasons end to pectoral tears, including defensive linemen Michael Strahan, Trevor Pryce and Bertrand Berry. But there is no evidence at this time that Jones' injury is that serious.

Jones will have surgery next week and there's obviously no timetable for his recovery until after that.  But fingers shall be crossed in the meantime...Jones was the lone bright spot in an otherwise disastrous defensive campaign last season.  His choosing to return to SU for his senior year was a signal that the new era was about to begin.  Unfortunately, looks like we still have some bad mojo to shake loose.