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Who Moved Paul Harris' Cheese?

Mike Waters links to a great story told by Bill Barton, head coach of Duqesne and former head coach of Notre Dame Prep.  One of Barton's former players was Paul Harris and Harris had a bit of a one-sided relationship with the team's point guard, affectionately known as Mouse.  Paul would ask for the ball and Mouse would give it to him.

Mouse is about 5-foot-7.  My two little girls loved him because of his name, and the fact that he was far closer to their size than all the rest of the guys...

But Mouse had one problem – he was afraid of Paul Harris. 

Check out the article at CollegeChalkTalk to read the rest of the highly entertaining story. 

Sufficed to say, Jim Boeheim and Bill Barton have very different coaching styles. Barton is more of a behind-the-scenes operator, silently moving chess pieces into place. Whereas Boeheim walks over, flips the chessboard off the table, pisses on it and says "We're playing checkers now."  Figuratively speaking, of course.