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Touchhdown Town Named One Of Syacuse's Most Affordable Areas

Two years ago we were introduced to the wonders of Touchdown Town, a magical place where the Dome Dogs were filled with gold (I assume) and season tickets cost $100.  For less than it costs to fill up your Hummer's gas tank on a weekly basis, you got a ticket to all seven Syracuse home games.

Now in 2009, the deal gets even sweeter.  To get your very own piece of Touchdown Town, it'll still cost you $100.  But this time, you get eight games.  Do some math for once in your life and you'll see that's cheaper than last year.  Hooray for bad economies!

You can check out the whole pricing structure for 2009 here and you can see where the seats are over here (PDF).  All in all, a pretty decent deal.  As The Axeman figured out a couple years back, these prices don't include certain "fees" that get tacked on naturally, but it's still worthwhile, especially given the extra home game.