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Orange44 Is An Absolute Magician 21.0

It's the 21st installment of O44IAAM. We're legal! Pour us some scotch! Something malty...that's the good kind, right? Malty scotch? Like a malt ball? I have no idea, I just drink beer. Anyway, Brian from Orange 44 answered my we go:

The Georgetown win seemed to rejuvenate not only the team but the fanbase in general. Yet, it almost turned into another disturbing loss. What did you take away from the game?

Finally we saw some poised play from Syracuse. Yes Georgetown came back in this game, but it was not because of some horrific errors like in games we saw last season. Rather it was just soft defense and killer shooting from Georgetown. But Syracuse for the first time since the Kansas game played clutch and under control in the overtime period. It was good to see. It also confirmed the fact that we play very well in the Carrier Dome. They still need to be able to hack it on the road, but we can worry about that later.

Syracuse is currently on the fringe of the Top 25. Sound about right or are we getting a bit of a courtesy ranking due to the Big East's dominance this season?

Honestly I think we are slightly underrated right now. I think we are around #22 or so still. After losing to #1 UConn and then winning the game later in the week, how do you justify punishing this team for losing to #1. Either way, #25 is certainly not unreasonable. And frankly, after the grueling Big East slate, still being ranked and not taking such epic falls as Notre Dame and Georgetown is good enough for right now.

The Orange have another "revenge game" coming up against Villanova. How you feelin'?

At this point because we have a week of rest, as well as the knowledge that there will be a definite home field advantage for Syracuse over Villanova, coupled with the win over Georgetown, I feel fairly confident that we may not win big, but we should be able to get a quality win. Again I feel pretty good about this one. I mean their shooting cannot be as bad as it was in Philly right? Also, they will know to keep tabs on Cunningham better. They also will probably not have as bad of a shooting day, nor will the crowd be a momentum killer for them. Moral of the story, I'm hungry for some more revenge.

The SU lacrosse team got their title defense off on the right foot with a resounding win over Providence. What did you think of the team's performance?

Let me say that it was extremely impressive to see it in person. Syracuse dominated Providence on both ends of the floor from start to finish. This team is going to be good again and they may not win it all, but they will get damn close again. This team is full of talent and can hurt you in so many ways. I cannot say enough good things about this team. I was highly impressed. Granted it was only against Providence. The Army contest will be a better test of their skills.

David Oku continues to take his sweet time deciding which school to attend next year. How important is it for SU for Oku to make Syracuse his choice?

It is less important in terms of fielding a good running attack. I think we are set with that with the stable of who we have at the University now. However it will do wonders in many aspects to get that high caliber of a recruit to come to Syracuse. It will give instant credibility to the recruiting chops of the coaches, demonstrate to other recruits that Syracuse is worth a look again, and it instantly boosts morale. All of which cannot be underrated. As for if he actually comes, I'm less worried about that. Having him is a boost no doubt, and it at least creates healthy competition amongst the running backs. But I still think we would be just fine without him.

BeersThrownAtGeorgetownFansGate...your thoughts?

Yeah that is not cool. I know damn well I would be completely pissed and upset if I got any sort of beverage thrown on me. Especially if it was a delicious adult beverage. I know I do not like getting treated like junk in someone else's arena and I have been to a bunch of away games at various locations. Trash talk and verbal harassment is one thing, but throwing things, spitting, and hitting are quite different. In this instance it was a sad ending to a great basketball contest. Throwing beers is completely unacceptable behavior, and something the law calls battery. That being said, I do think that some of those Georgetown fans instigated the situation by getting a little too upset and some of the things they were hearing. Guess what, when you are on the road sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut and take a little abuse. It is the price of doing business in heading to an away arena on occasion. Either way, if there is a verbal altercation between a home fan and an away fan guess who is probably getting ejected or getting the worst of it. Probably the person wearing the foreign colors. However, that is no excuse for Syracuse fans at the end of this game. Act like adults people, especially after a win. And if I catch a beer in the back at the next away game, I'm ripping the student section a new ass hole right here on Orange::44.

Thanks as always, Brian. Now go to Orange44 and learn more stuff.