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Planning Accordingly

Yesterday I stopped by the future schedule page of SU Football and noticed Maine was on the books for 2010.  Guess I should have waited a couple hours and checked again cause that was just the beginning...

Matt Gelb at the D.O. noticed that Maine isn't the only 1-AA opponent on our future Rhode Island, whom the Orange played in 2002, is locked in as well in 2011.  That's not all.  Navy might not be joining the Big East anytime soon but they will play the Orange in 2015 and 2017.

As the future schedules begin to take shape, a pattern emerges:

Obviously, it appears a model is emerging for Gross and SU. Play three BCS teams, one mid-major (normally a MAC squad) and then a I-AA. I don’t think we can argue the logic — Syracuse has always aspired to a national schedule. But other Big East teams aren’t as ambitious.

Sounds like the perfect model for right now.  I might even wish we were scaling back every other year to play two mid-majors instead of one but I get the reasoning. 

The big question mark in all of this, now that the next few years are pretty much spoken for is, what happened to that ten-game series with Notre Dame?  Donnie mentioned yesterday that Gross is still working out the kinks.  Unless there's some kind of Notre Dame waiver I don't know about (which is very possible), the earliest SU can start the series is 2012.  (Then again, that's assuming the 2011 Toledo game isn't being pushed.  It's been pushed back to TBD in the schedule page) To be continued...

In the meantime, I've updated my Future Schedules module on the bottom right gutter.  Chances are we aren't done hearing about the future schedules just yet.