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And Here's To You, Greg Robinson

I've been accused of piling on Greg Robinson to the point where I'm beating a dead horse until it's a finely-ground pile of...dead horse.  That's fair.  I'd admit to as much if I was ever called before a jury of my peers.

And yes, writing a song about Greg to the tune of Mrs. Robinson and posting it to YouTube three months after he was fired is probably a little late, in bad taste, childish and just plain mean.  But who the hell ever said this was a classy forum of repartee?

Against my better judgment I consulted West Virginia fan and blogger John Radcliff to co-write and perform the ditty.  For once, a Mountaineer came through in the clutch.  HUGE props goes out to JR for not only performing and producing the clip but also arranging the photo slideshow that went along with it.  I bet you never noticed Jim Boeheim's anti-Greggers banner before, did you?

Michigan, seriously, good luck with all that.  And you can check out more of John Radcliff's dulcet tones here.