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#1 In Your Hearts, #20 In The Polls

The Orange dipped to #20 in this week's polls.  They probably have the fact that they played relatively early in the week to thank for the slight drop...had they lost over the weekend they probably would have dropped further.

UConn (blech) is your new #1.  It's the first time two Big East teams have been ranked #1 in the same season since 1984-1985.  It was Georgetown and St. John's and, I know what some of you younger fans are thinking, "Who is St. John's?"  They were a Big East basketball program that used to be good for a couple years but ceased to exist some time around the turn of the century.  No one's really sure when they disappeared but scientists are working around the clock to find answers.

Louisville, Pittsburgh and Marquette join UConn in the Top Ten and Villanova rounds out the rest of the Big East teams in the rankings alongside SU.  Gone is Georgetown who just keeps on losin' on and Notre Dame who's done plenty of the same.  West Virginia is knocking on the door as well and they will have their chance to sneak back in when they play Syracuse on Wednesday.

SU is also 24th in the RPI rankings just in case you were worried about that.  Bad news, Lunardi dropped the Orange like a rock to an 8-seed in his latest Bracketology.  UNC in the 2nd round?  Sure, why not.