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Is David Oku Waiting On Bryce Brown?

As much as Syracuse, Auburn and Tennessee fans are having with David Oku, you can imagine how pleased Miami fans are with Bryce Brown and his insistence on taking his time.  Brown, considered by many to be the #1 RB recruit, was committed to Miami but didn't sign with the Hurricanes on NLI Day.  Yesterday news broke that Brown has let a deadline from UM expire meaning that Randy Shannon's crew was moving on and cutting him loose.

Not so fast, says Brown's Dad.  Brown is still scheduled to visit UM on March 3rd and probably not make his announcement on March 16th.  Brown has taken a few visits and expressed interest in quite a few schools besides Miami, including Oregon, Clemson, LSU and Tennessee.  That last one still being an option for one David Oku.

Is it not conceivable that Oku, whom Rivals considered the #1 "all-purpose back" in the nation, might be waiting to see where Brown goes?  Wherever Brown DOESN'T go or ultimately spurns, those schools are going to be slightly more interested in Oku's services and may make that known over the next couple weeks.

Of course, Oku and Brown aren't overlapping all that much in terms of specific schools at the moment.  It may just be two different kids with a wealth of talent and a load offers both trying to play things as smartly as they can.  Chances are though, they're very familiar with each other based on the national rankings and ratings they've been looking at for the past two years.  It's hard to believe they're not keeping an eye on each other.