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We Were Better Off Just Burying Our Heads In The Sand

Somebody just HAD to ask Jonny Flynn whether or not he was thinking about going pro after this season.

There'll be a lot of upset people if I leave.  There'll be a lot of upset people if I stay.

Who the F are these people who would be upset if Jonny stays?  Kick them out of Syracuse.  Take them to the city limits, hand them a make-shift bag made out of a kerchief on a end of a stick and tell them to amscray!  Tout suite!

The main thing my father told me is 'you can't please everybody.'  You know, when you're trying to please everybody you'll never win. 

So then don't try to please everybody, just try and please US!  We'd like you to stay, so then stay.  Problem solved! 

Everybody wins.  Well, we win.  We're not like Jack, worried about what's gonna happen to the rest of the passengers of Ajira Flight 316.  We're like Ben.  "Who cares?"