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With The Orange-Out Complete, It's Time For The Inspire-Out

Remember back when the Orange-Out was gaining steam and Jim Boeheim uttered a throwaway comment about doing a White-Out instead and we freaked out for a couple hours before we realized it had something to do with fighting cancer and then we all backed away slowly and went about our business?

Well...THAT'S happening.

Coach Jim Boeheim is a team player, both on and off the court. That’s why he has taken up the fight against cancer – he knows it will take a team to beat this disease.

This season, Coach Boeheim and his wife Juli have been INSPIRED to do more. That is why Syracuse Athletics, along with ISP Sports and the American Cancer Society’s Coaches vs. Cancer, are making the March 1st home game against Cincinnati INSPIRE Day. Special INSPIRE tee-shirts are being sold online at,, the Carrier Dome, and at merchants across the city for $10. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer. All fans are encouraged to wear their INSPIRE shirts to the Cincinnati game.

I will allow it and it's the only time you'll ever hear me urge you to wear a white T-shirt to a Syracuse sporting event.  Here's what the shirt looks like.  You'll notice it comes not only with Jim's autograph but also with Juli's.  Now THAT'S a collector's item.  Plus you know this means Juli will be out and about at the Cincy game.  Set your phasers to ogle.

I'm always a little wary when they say "a portion of the proceeds will be donated."  What the hell are you doing with the other portion? Making it even more confusing is that later on the in the press release they say all of the proceeds are going to the charity.  That's it...I want to see your books, Jim!  (Kidding Jim, I trust you.  You're suspect...but I trust you.)

Along with the aforementioned sources, you can also purchase the shirt at the following locations:Papa’s Sports (2083 Park Street, Syracuse), Sports Authority (Carousel Center) Manny’s (Marshall Street), The Vault (Carousel Center). Hollywood Hookah Gift Shop?