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David Oku In No Rush To Decide Where To Eat Lunch

MIDWEST CITY, OK - For the food court proprietors of the Midwest City Galleria Mall waiting for David Oku to announce which food court eatery he will be eating lunch at today, keep waiting.

"Nope, no time soon man," Oku said via text message to his buddy Terrence "T-Smoove" McAdams, sitting at a nearby table.   "Not in any rush at all."

The highly rated tailback from Carl Albert High School in Midwest City, Okla has been circling the food court for the past hour, passing by Sbarros, Roman Delight Pasta, Long John Silver's and Roli Boli with the same quizzical look on his face. After walking the entire court three times, Oku still hasn't made a decision on where to eat, but that doesn't seem to bother him.

"Auntie Anne's Pretzels may pop up, not for sure yet," Oku texted. "The rest of the places are still the same."

Time will tell just how serious Oku is about Auntie Anne's, which is situated outside of the designated food court area and is considered more of a mid-mall snack destination.

Oku originally committed himself to purchase food from General Tsing's Wok two hours ago before withdrawing his commitment and closing his wallet just moments before his Mongolian Beef was plated.

Oku has also expressed interest in Chick-Fil-A and Orange Julius.  Chick-Fil-A's recent commitments from ten other mall shoppers may scare off Oku, who is said to be looking to eat immediately.  Orange Julius became an option when Oku realized his friend Dontrell "Dirty Bird" Tucker was working behind the register, but most feel they're only getting a courtesy look.

While Oku's friends, all of whom finished their lunches forty-five minutes ago, look on exasperatedly, the young running back remains determined to take his time and make the right decision.  The emergence of a free gumbo sample platter in front of Aunt Kizzy's Cookery has grabbed his attention as of late.  It remains to be seen if it will play a part in David's lunch plans.

"I'll see what they have to offer," he said. "I'm not a huge gumbo fan but I'll look  into them."