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The Road To Toronto Is Officially Repaved

Taking the good china out of the den cabinet, we're going to be hosting a lot this year.

Syracuse's non-conference football schedule has been completed and four of the five games will be at home.  For those keeping track, that means the Orange will play eight home games this season.  Hey, fine by me...we need every advantage we can get.

Sept. 5 - Minnesota
Sept. 12 - at Penn State
Sept. 19 - Northwestern
Sept. 26 - Maine (Maine!!!)
Oct. 3 - Akron

Big East home games will include West Virginia, South Florida, Rutgers and Cincinnati.  So in all liklihood, you won't be looking at an October where the Orange don't play at home this year,unlike last season.  

And so begins the journey back to The Quest For Toronto...