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The Twittering Is Upon Us

Are you Twittering?  If not, you should be.  Why? Dunno.  Just should.

Seriously though, all the cool kids are doing it.  Even The Post-Standard has figured out about the TwitterTubes and the YouTweets.  Your parents are probably Twittering.  And if they're not, they're about two weeks from finding out about it from their twenty-something co-worker. 

So I thought it might be of service to know exactly the types of folks out there you should be Twittering with and signing up with.  I give you, the handy-dandy-Syracuse-related-Twitter-Guide:

Must-Have Syracuse-Related Twitter Feeds

Mine (duh).

PSBasketball - Not only the latest SU hoops news but Mike & Donna do a nice job Twittering live from all games.  Perfect for out-of-towners without access to a gamecast. 

PSFootball - Up until now its been links to the last football stories but it looks like Donnie is taking the reigns to make it more tweety.

The Daily Orange - Solid on the updating and always noteworthy for Cuse fans

Syracusedotcom - Not just sports-related and it overlaps with the football/basketball feeds but if you need to know evert minute thing going in Syracuse this second for some godforsaken reason, it's worth it.

HoyaSuxa - If you can read this, you're probably not a Georgetown fan.

CitrusTV - Keeps you updated with SU-related videos and reports.

SyracuseStats - Just what you think it is.  Always good stuff to know.

SUOrangeEmpire - They haven't updated in two months, so...

College Sports-Related Feeds Worth Noting

BigEastTweets - All things Big East.  Just as you[d expect.

BracketDobber - For when you need to know the status of every college basketball game being played right this second...

SbN College - All-things college sports, all the time.

General Sports Feeds Worth Noting

SportsByBrooks - Get direct links to the top stories on the site.

Fanhouse - Top stories over at the Fanhouse

Deadspin - Long a dead feed, they're finally getting back into it.

ESPN - Say what you will, it's helpful for knowing the top stories.

EDSBS - One of the funniest bloggers out there, one of the funniest Twitter feeds as well.

And A Non-Sports Feed That Is Required Viewing

CobraCommander - No, it has nothing to do with that stupid movie coming out.  It's pure, unadulterated Commander.

Got some feeds you think are also worth noting?  List'm below.