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I Guarentee Syracuse Basketball Will Not Lose This Week

A little bit of this and that to keep you busy as you prepare for SU's week off from action:

The Orange managed to BARELY stay in the Top 25 polls, landing at #24 in the AP and #25 in the Coaches.  Do with that information as you will.  Congrats to UConn for staying at #1 for another week and let's see if they can keep it going....oh....wait.

With that win over Georgetown the Orange not only put the brakes on their recent skid but also shelved any talk about them being on the bubble.  Not so much for Georgetown who now sits firmly upon it given their recent troubles.

The Orange will be practicing hard this week to try and work out all the kinks (someone tape Arinze's feet to the foul line and leave him there).  Michael Bonner of the D.O. stopped by practice to see how things were going and ended up making sweet, sweet love to transfer-in-waiting Wes Johnson's dunking prowess:

Watching him dunk in person is truly incredible. I’ve seen many people dunk but not many like Johnson. He went up for a windmill jam and seemed to be in the air for 10 minutes (I’m telling you he hung in the air longer than Nate Robinson and not only on the windmill, every dunk he just glided through the air). He rose up then as his head was above the rim, he finally began the motion of the windmill, slammed it home then returned to the ground. It’s literally like he can hang in the air for as long as he wants. He doesn’t just go up then down. He jumps, soars and soars some more than eventually returns to earth.


The Orange have to wait until Sunday the 22nd until Villanova comes to town for what is hopefully SU's 2nd straight payback win.