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Syracuse Defeats Georgetown, A Videography

Some video footage from this weekend's game to help tell the story.

First up, it really goes without saying how great the Dome looked thanks to the Orange-Out.  We should probably do that, you know, all the time:

Of course, there were a few people who decided not to wear any Orange...Georgetown fans.  And gven that it was a particularly electric atmosphere and certain alcoholic beverages were involved...this happened:

Eh...not so much Syracuse fans.  Sure, they looked like a bunch of dicks.  And as Georgetown fans, probably a little slow.  But throwing open beverages at other people???  No.  No on that.  Especially since they're probably going to remember that the next time we go there.

Donte Greene was back in the hizzy (do we still say hizzy?).  And since he wasn't in Phoenix showing off his basketball skills, it was the perfect opportunity for him to show off the other thing he's reasonably good at...drumming.

You can check that performance out from another angle as well here.

Finally, we never did get our chance to see what happened when one of our blogging-own took a spill while carrying one of the huge C-U-S-E flags.  We missed our opportunity.  Until it happened again...


Triple word score for the speedy recovery, chief.