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A Storm Brewing?

Here's what I know:

If Syracuse defeats Georgetown tomorrow, our students are going to storm the court.

I know this because:

  1. This game has been top-of-mind for Orange fans and the students ever since Georgetown beat us last month.
  2. The Orange-Out has added a dimension to the game that's also going to kick up everyone's intensity level.
  3. It's a nationally-televised game and wacky things happen when cameras are pointing in your direction.
  4. We're desperate for a quality win.  Like a drunk and horny college guy at 2am walking aimlessly through the streets until he stumbles upon a Vietnamese massage parlor that's oddly open...Cuse Nation suddenly feels like it need a release and it needs it bad.
  5. For better or worse, it's what we do (See 1998, 2007, 2008, etc.)

NOW, too many times we've gotten into the rights and wrongs of storming the court.  Whereas some have very strict guidelines about such things, I'm a little more loosey-goosey about it.  I get why, even if it doesn't fit the rules, you would storm the court from time to time.  As long as it's not an ongoing thing.

I was there in '98 when we rushed the court after a win over Georgetown.  The Hoyas weren't particularly good that year and I'm pretty sure we were supposed to win, but we did it anyway.  It just felt like the right thing to do.  We were coming off the highly disappointing '96-'97 season and, as fans, I think we needed a celebration about our basketball team.  Quite  a few people disagreed with it and I can see the point.  But sometimes the rules don't apply.

I can imagine that, as a current senior at Syracuse, you've had a pretty disappointing time as a basketball fan.  You've seen a grand total of one NCAA game and it ended in a loss.  You've watched the team sputter through two mediocre seasons that ended with NIT berths.  By SU standards, that's poor. Then factor in this season, which started out about as well as it possibly could.  Hopes were raised, expectations nurtured.  And then the last couple weeks happen.  Hopes were dashed, expectations dissolving before their eyes.  History repeating itself, it seems.  If anyone has the right to panic, it's them.

So if you put yourself in the shoes of the average SU senior basketball fan, I hope you can sympathize with him/her if he/she decides to rush the court (pending victory) tomorrow.  Besides, think of all the YouTube videos, Facebook photos and other material it's going to give us to play with.  Always find the positive.

Of course we might lose and then there won't be any court-storming but instead a wave of panic and fear that will spread that wildfire across the campus and the fanbase.  So if those are you choices, pray for your court-storming rules to be broken.