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On Torn Meniscuses, Public Urination And Sportscaster Gender-Issues

Well, Syracuse didn't leave Storrs without causing a little bit of havoc, on and off the court.  Jerome Dyson, who went down early on clutching his knee, had very good reason to.  He  tore the lateral meniscus of his right knee and he's done for the year.

Dyson underwent an MRI Thursday afternoon at Windham Hospital in Willimantic and results showed the tear. He will undergo surgery within the next week, at which time it will be determined whether Dyson could return at some point this season.

Dyson's status is listed as "indefinite" right now, though a statement from coach Jim Calhoun makes it sound like Dyson is lost for the rest of the season.

Not a great night overall for Dyson, who later had to fight some dude for his car.  So says Ryan Miller over at The Orange Segment:

It got worse for Dyson last night. He arrived at the bar we were at near campus at around midnight with some friends, and on crutches. About a half hour later, a kid leaving the bar opened the driver's door of Dyson's car, thinking it was his own. Dyson and his buddies thought the kid was trying to steal his car and had to get him out.

You know...Harrison was in Storrs that night.  Coincidence???

That's just the tip of the iceberg from Ryan who also adds these fantastic (though uncondoneable, of course) tidbits:

A few friends from Syracuse may or may not have felt the urge to urinate on the giant "Welcome to the University of Connecticut" sign on the edge of campus after the game, not that I condone that type of behavior.

- Joel Godett and Ben Youngerman, the voices for WAER Wednesday, saw a woman waiting outside of the occupied women's bathroom in the press area prior to the game. The door opened and out came...Bill Raftery.

I don't know which one is more disturbing.

Actually, I'm pretty sure I am. 

Check out the rest of Ryan's rundown for some more behind-the-scenes stories, interviews and a video of Hasheem Thabeet dancing in front of a Blimpies.  Natch.