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Did You Guys Hear? There's An Orange-Out This Weekend

I know, I'm thinking the same thing.  What's an Orange-Out?  Never heard of it...

That's right, what we've been hearing about for over a month now is finally coming to fruition this weekend.  The Orange-Out will happen when Syracuse hosts Georgetown tomorrow and you can thank Jason Seymour, Tom Hayes and John Gallauresi for that.  You probably already know them by their handles here on the site, which include SUFAN4LIFE34.  Donna Ditota wrote up a piece on the guys and how all of this came to pass.  Finally, we can go behind the scenes of this undertaking to see how all the moving parts work:

"Most people own something orange," Gallauresi said. "I mean, we've been going to the games for years. And there's certainly enough people in orange. Now to get every single body in orange would be something else."

"We're sick of going to games and seeing people in shirts and ties," Hayes said. "Fans should be wearing orange. All the time."

And, because I'm a whore, I'm going to paste the part where they talk about me:

"We went on one of the forums and put it out there," Hayes said. "Everyone loved the idea. And within let's say three hours, we e-mailed Brent Axe. We put it on Troy Nunes ( He was a big help. And then we got in contact with Brent Axe. He was a big supporter of it. He gave us some radio play and within a week, we had a Web site out on it."

A tip of the cap for including the URL, Donna.  The article also mentions John and Chris Groat, the president and vice-president of Holy Shirt, the company responsible for the "Orange Out For Revenge" T-shirts now on sale.

SU Athletics expect at least 29,000 fans for the game.  Let's give Georgetown fans the benefit of the doubt and assume 1,000 of them are able to operate vehicles and/or purchase airfare to get them to Syracuse, that means there better be at least 28,000 people wearing an Orange shirt tomorrow.  Those who don't will be dealt with swiftly.

Keep an eye on Orange Out The Dome for any last minute news or tidbits.