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The Search For Searching For Billy Edelin

I reached out to the guys over at Searching For Billy Edelin, SbN's new all-things-college-hoops blog to find out the backstory on their name, a reference to a certain dubious Syracuse hoopster.  Obviously, I assumed they were Cuse peeps.  But you know what they say about when you assume...

Between the two of us, we have logged exactly 0 credit hours at Syracuse University. Matt and myself are Mainers (Ed. Note - What's with all the Maine?) and Matt's family is all from the Cuse area -- thus his devotion to the dome. Matt went to JMU I went to Xavier.

Anyway we just became intrigued by this Edelin guy. Such an enigma. I feel like everytime I ran into Cuse students, whether it be strangers or friends, I always asked them "what exactly happened to billy edelin" and always got different answers. One girl I interned at a TV station got this weird look in her eye and responded "we dont talk about that." we? it always intrigued me as to what we didn't know. I heard he had cancer once, maybe passed on some STDs. Just crazy stuff that I never fully believed in, but knew something weird had to of gone on for Jimmy B to just tell him off.

Last year we graduated college and I really wanted to start a blog. Matt is more into college football and wanted to cover both, but now we have branded ourselves as strictly college bball. It just kind of popped into my head, I would tell friends as a joke that if I ever started a blog id call it Searching For Billy Edelin. It just seemed to work and stuck with me. So here we are.

I have a friend from college who hails from the Utica area. He told me this summer Edelin is hanging there playing in various rec leagues. So he is alive and well...I guess.

That would be the immortal King of Kings League in Utica, home to many a fallen Syracuse shining star.  Good luck, fellas.  If I'm ever in the Utica area, as I'm so apt to be, I'll let Billy know to get in touch.