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  • Your daily David Oku update.  Is Nebraska in the mix now?...The Gold Mine
  • DT Elon Mitchell is forgoing his senior season.  This is the first time I've heard of him so I guess that's fine...Donnie Webb
  • Chin up, SU fans.  A softer slate of games nears...Bud Poliquin
  • Does Jim Boeheim really think we're not a perimeter team?...Eric Devendorf Smells Deuces
  • No more MayFest???...Daily Orange
  • Tony Fiammetta talks about why he wanted to be a fullback...D.O. Sports Blog
  • Jim Calhoun invents a new stat..."bothers"...OrangeFizz
  • Louisville's Terrence Williams thinks the Big East pwns the ACC...Sporting News

Obviously, Jimmy B is the draw in this photo but I think it's happy-go-lucky Luke taking a dip who really makes it (H/T: EDSD):