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OrangeTube 2/11

Apologies in advance if any of this is old to you. 

First up, Jonny Flynn's birthday surprise!  It's all fun and games...except for that slightly-too-aggressive shove by Eric Devendorf at the 0:17 mark.  Why does it not surprise me that Devo is That Guy:

The Top Ten College Mascots.  Coming in at #1...The Syracuse Orangeman!!! (I think they meant Otto, so...yeah!)

I'm fascinated by this one from Orange Cares.  Apparently it's supposed to be some kind of anti-binge drinking video.  But because the music was removed, now it  looks like some kind of pro-binge drinking video.  I fear that this makes it better.

Kenny.  Anger.  Mouth-corner crust.  Three great things that go great together:

Finally, if you can't enough Kenny, the legend let his hair down (figuratively) on the Brent Axe radio program today.  Have a listen by checking out the podcast over at ESPN 1260.  I haven't listened yet but I imagine Syracuse sports came up and the phrase "Well, well, well..." was uttered at least seven times.