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I Come Back To You Now, At The Turn Of The Tide


It is I, Gandalf the Orange.  And I return to you in your time of need.  I regret that I have been away, fighting the mighty Calhounrog.  It was in my absence that you fell and you fell mightily.  And I feared the worst, that the Gollum-looking creature among you might take this opportunity to steal the One Ring for himself. 

But I am here to tell that it will not pass.  Not if we stick together.  Our path has been chosen for us but it is us who must walk it.  And we shall form a Fellowship, you and I, along with the orc, the elf and the heir to throne of men.  We shall defeat the evil forces that await us tomorrow night in the dark kingdom of Hartford.

We will do so because to do otherwise would doom all of Middle-Conference into chaos...