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Arthur Jones, Rob Long Make Big East 1st-Team

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Guess we should just be happy someone was paying attention.

The Big East Conference announced its list of postseason honors for 2009 on Wednesday. Syracuse senior nose tackle Arthur Jones and junior punter Rob Long earned first-team All-Big East honors. Orange senior offensive guard Ryan Bartholomew and linebacker Derrell Smith were named to the second team.

Then again, how closely were they watching?  All due respect to Art Jones but Smith put up better numbers and became The Bone-carrying leader of the defense before his injury.

Pitt's Dion Lewis is your Big East Rookie and Offensive Player of the Year (first to do so since Michael Vick) while Pitt's Greg Romeus and Mick Williams are co-Defensive Players of the Year.  Brian Kelly won his third-straight Big East Coach of the Year award, which as one tweeter put it, will look great on his mantle in South Bend.

Full details and 1st and 2nd-teams here.  Did you ever think before this season started that Mike Williams wouldn't end up on one of those lists?